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Fresh Breath Max

Educational Fun Musical Toothbrush It does teach good oral habits and motivates kids to brush in the morning and night, learn while brushing your teeth with the fresh breath max, musical toothbrush a great way to teach kids 2-5 while brushing their teeth.

Every year it is reported that children’s oral health is cause for concern, and any product that helps this to improve is a blessing. Currently under £10 the nearest competitor to this product it firefly with their star wars light sabre toothbrush that just says kylo Ren and that’s it, now star wars is what they are marketing. But as you press the button on our brush, it says “it’s brush your teeth time”, and for 2 minutes long the fun and comical custom made catchy brush your teeth song, plays for 2 minutes long at the end it says well done, praising your child and reminds them to brush everyday in the morning and night everyday for healthy teeth and gums. It says see you again soon, with repetition hearing this twice a day it subconsciously imprints in the child’s mind how to look after their teeth and their for educates them in in a way that is less boring than just telling them, and them saying ok and still hating it.


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